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  What to do if you think your child has an eating disorder

  Supporting your child during a mental health crisis

  Self-care tips for parents of children with mental health problems

  Parenting a child with mental health issues

  How to support your child’s mental health

  How to support a child who doesn’t want to go to school

  How to protect my child on the internet

  How to prepare for your child’s first CAMHS appointment

  How to moderate your child’s video gaming

  How to help someone who self-harms

  How to talk with your child about mental health

  How to find support for parents of a child with mental illness

  How to establish trust and boundaries with a teenager

  How to build family resilience

  How to be prepared for a mental health emergency

  A parent’s guide to understanding teenagers

   How to de-escalate your child’s anger and aggression

  How to help your child through the teenage years

  How to help your teenager sleep better

   How to make decisions about mental health medication

   How to support a child with anxiety

   How to support siblings

   How to talk about mental health

   How to talk with mental health professionals

   Ten things you need to know about the teenage brain

   What to do if your child is misusing drugs or alcohol

   What to do when your child is a fussy eater